12/19/2023, AmFest, Aila Wang: 新中国联邦肩负着推翻中国共产党的使命。我们是中共政府的幸存者,我们是中共病毒的幸存者。对于从共产主义政权逃离的幸存者来说,他们是在寻找自由。我很担心,我所逃离的共产主义也蔓延到了我所站在的这块自由之地。12/19/2023, AmFest, Aila Wang: The New Federal State of China is on a mission to take down the CCP. We are survivors of the CCP government and we are survivors of the CCP virus. For the survivors who fled from the communist regime, they were looking for freedom. I am worried that the communism I escaped from has also spread to this land of freedom where I stand. #AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo #Takedownccp


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