【 AMFEST2023 】 12/17/2023 Political Historian/Author Dr. Roger Canfield (Website: americong.com / VVFH.org): A million Americans are murdered and counting from the Corona virus and the fentanyl, all are intentional. What’s happening right now in America is far worse than in the past, because there’s a minimum of hundreds of thousands of Americans who are siding with the CCP. The survival of America and Western civilization depends upon the end of the CCP. 【 凤凰城烽火行动 】 12/17/2023 政治历史学家和作家罗杰·坎菲尔德博士 (网站: americong.com / VVFH.org):有一百万美国人因新冠病毒和芬太尼而死,而且死亡人数还在不断增加,这全都是蓄意谋杀。美国的现状比过去要糟很多,因为至少有数十万美国人正与中共勾结。美国和西方文明的生死存亡仰赖于能否消灭中共。


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