The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has spread communist ideology to the United States. They have penetrated our campuses. They have set up a police station in Manhattan. They can enforce the laws and actions of the CCP on American soil. Not only does the CCP do this, but Teachers in American schools do the same; they propagate communist ideas and teach our children that we should eradicate communism from all aspects. 中国共产党也向美国传播共产主义意识形态,他们已经渗透到我们的校园了,他们在曼哈顿设立了警察局,他们能够在美国领土上执行中共的法律和行动,不但有中共这样做,美国学校的老师也这样做,他们宣传共产主义思想,并将其教给我们的孩子,我们应该从各个方面铲除共产主义。


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