2/17/2023【#AMFEST2023】Cameron Smith-Randick: The Communist China government is teaching kids to value what their country tells them instead of humanitarianism, which can be seen from the COVID lockdown; The New Federal State of China is doing something that should have been done long time ago, which is to bring China back to people, because the CCP does not represent Chinese people! 12/17/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】卡梅伦·史密斯-兰迪克:中共政府正在教导孩子们重视国家告诉他们的东西,而不是人道主义,这一点可以从COVID封控中看出;新中国联邦正在做一些早就应该做的事情,即让中国回归人民,因为中共并不代表中国人民!


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