【#AMFEST2023】12/18/2023 Ava Chen explains why she chose to give up all she had and wholeheartedly dedicate herself to the mission of taking down the CCP. Because Miles Guo’s revelations are all true and make sense, and we, the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China, are the solution to the CCP problem! NFSC #WhistleblowersMovement #TakedowntheCCP 【#凤凰城烽火行动】12/18/2023 Ava谈为何要放弃她拥有的一切而全身心地投入到灭共的事业。因为郭文贵先生的爆料都是真实、有道理的。我们爆料革命、新中国联邦就是中共问题的解决方案!


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