2023.12.19 妮可采访战斗室主播班农先生: 一位世界最伟大的人士郭文贵先生至今还被非法关押,唯一理由是美国政府害怕文贵先生出来,能参加国会作证,揭露卖美贼与习共党的勾结。 为了美国的国家安全,为了美国和中国人民,需要释放郭文贵先生。美国需要跟中共完全彻底脱钩,并要消灭共匪。 【 #NFSC #AMFEST2023】12/19/2023 Nicole interviews Steve Bannon (host of Warroom) : Miles Guo, one of the greatest man in the world, is now locked up in a prison. One only reason is The American government is afraid to have Miles Guo out. We have to free Miles Guo, separate #CCP from China and Chinese LaoBaixing and take down the CCP.

12/18/2023 加利福尼亚州第51选区众议员参选人史蒂芬·霍希尔:我们必须释放郭文贵先生,因为美国是法治国家。为了清除中共在美国的势力,每个人应开始每天联络他们的参议员和众议员,不停发送电子邮件和短信、拨打电话,并告诉社交媒体上的每个人我们不能再容忍这类事情发生。【 AMFEST2023 】 12/18/2023 Stephan Hohil, running to represent California State Assembly District 51: We got to get Miles Guo out of prison because we have laws. To kick out the CCP in the US, everybody’s got to start standing up to their legislators, senators and congressmen every single day, relentlessly sending out emails, texts, making phone calls and telling everybody on social media that we’re not going to stand for this anymore.

班农先生:中国的老百姓,你们有在美国有几十万的新中国联邦以及美国的爱国者们支持你们。不能用中国共产党的名声来抹黑中国人民以及中国,因为中共是阿道夫-希特勒之后的最邪恶的独裁政权。Mr Bannon: Chinese people, you have hundreds of thousands of the patriots of the New Federal State of China, as well as American patriots in the United States, to support you. The Chinese people, as well as China, cannot be smeared with the bad name of the Chinese Communist Party, which is the most evil dictatorship since Adolf Hitler. #AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo #takedownccp

班农先生带领众人喊出Free Miles Guo:希望未来的弹劾听证会上郭文贵能去作证! #AMFEST #FreeMilesGuo #takedownccp #释放郭文贵

2023.12.18罗伊演讲 中共不代表中国,不代表中国人民。 中国人民是中共最大的受害者。 美国人的7万亿美元养老基金、教育基金和毕生积蓄都投资在了中国,现在习近平准备没收这些资金,给全世界的恐怖组织和国家提供资金,以摧毁美国。12/18/2023 RoySpeech: The CCP does not represent China or Chinese people. Chinese people are the biggest victims of the CCP. $7 trillion Americans’ pension funds, education funds and life savings are invested in China, and now Xi is ready to confiscate it to fund the world the terrorist groups and nations to destroy U.S. Roy shared three exclusive intelligence from NFSC brave whistleblowers inside China.#AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo #takedownccp

12/18/2023 莘7女孩:我们之所以要把中共和中国、中国人民分开,原因是中共蓄意把这三个概念捆绑在一起以拥有完美的人肉盾牌。中共并不是一个中国本土的政治运动,而自从占领中国后,他们就开始了一段长达74年的屠杀中国人民的暴力血腥历史。中共从未代表中国人民,一天也没有!【#AMFEST2023】12/18/2023 Ava Chen: Why should we separate the CCP from China and Chinese people? This is because the CCP is deliberately binding these three concepts together to have the perfect human shield. The CCP is not a homegrown political movement, and since the occupation of China, they have started a violent and bloody 74-year history of slaughtering the Chinese people. The CCP has never represented the Chinese people, not for a single day!

【#凤凰城烽火行动】12/18/2023 新中国联邦秘书长、法治基金主席长岛哥向美国爱国者们介绍新中国联邦及其灭共的事业。新中国联邦的使命就是灭共, 并给14亿中国人带来一人一票的选举权和自由。 我们新中国联邦今天所遭遇的一切都证明了我们是真正灭共、且最有能力去灭共的。我们希望让世界上更多的人知道,共产党已经来到了你们的家门口。【#AMFEST2023】12/18/2023 Mr. David Xia, General Secretary of the New Federal State of China and Chairman of the Rule of Law Society, introduces the NFSC and its mission to American patriots. The mission of the NFSC is to take down the Chinese Communist Party and bring one person, one vote, and freedom to the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Everything the NFSC has done and endured proves that we are the ones truly committed to taking down the CCP and are capable of doing so. We hope to let more people around the world know that the CCP has come to your doorstep. #AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo #takedownccp

2023年12月18日,在美国凤凰城举行的AMFEST顶级盛会上,全场响起了震耳欲聋的“Free MilesGuo”的口号! 立即释放郭文贵先生!FREE MILES GUO NOW!

2023.12.19 凯莉采访扎卡里·瓦努加,刚从大学毕业,非常年轻,来自马里兰的保守派媒体人: 扎卡里对中共对美国的渗透有很深的了解,知道孔子学院对美国学生的洗脑,认为中共是美国最大的外部威胁。但是对抖音和中共的关系了解不深,以为能够找到办法,既能保留抖音,又让中共不能控制抖音收集的美国人的数据。 【 #NFSC #AMFEST2023】12/19/2023 Kelly interviews Zachary Wanuga: Zachary has good understanding of the #CCP infiltration in America and knows that #CCP is #1 external threat to America. He is thinking to cut #CCP’s control of the data about Americans collected by TikTok while keeping TikTok because of its popularity.

童谣采访来自加州的全职基督事工南希·乔·韦格尔交谈(参与了基督电影工程,被翻译成2000多语种): 南茜不仅积极传福音,也努力做工,来保住美国乃至世界传福音的自由。 她不愿意放弃加州,领导了一个“祷告,行动,教育”团体,以拯救加州,反对州和联邦损害自由的法律。她多年与国际学生聚会,义务给国际学生上英语课,知道自由是美国最吸引人的价值。她也与很多人一起,努力唤醒美国的教会和牧师,来一同维护美国有信仰的自由。 【 #NFSC #AMFEST2023】Syliva interviews Nancy Jo Weigel from CA: Nancy is a fulltime Christian ministry. She is doing both evangelism and work to keep the freedom to do evangelism. She is leading a “Prayer, Action, Education” group to fight against bad bills that would erode American freedom and save California. Because if faith-loving people lose CA, we will lose the U.S.A and eventually lose the world. Nancy is working hard to wake up the church, the pastors to preserve American freedom.

Many educators and Hollywood influence young people, and the CCP’s money influences them to do what the CCP wants.許多教育工作者和好萊塢正在影響年輕人,而中國的資金正在影響他們做中共想要的事情。

The people of Iran and China are suffering from the oppression of two despotic dark regimes – the Islamic regime in Iran and the Communist Party in China. More and more Americans, Chinese, and Iranians are awakening to the evils of communism.伊朗和中国人民正遭受着两个专制黑暗政权–伊朗伊斯兰政权和中国共产党的压迫。越来越多的美国人、中国人、伊朗人在觉醒,了解共产主义的邪恶。

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influences American youth through the popular social media app TikTok. The CCP’s infiltration of various systems, including education and media, poses a long-term danger.中共通过流行的社交媒体应用 TikTok 对美国青少年产生的影响力。中共对包括教育和媒体在内的各种系统的渗透,这构成了一种长期的危险。

12/17/2023 退役美国陆军一级中士约瑟夫·哈蒙:中共是美国最大的威胁。美国通常将战争视为两国在战场上的战斗,但中共深谋远虑,不择手段进行各种战争,包括意识形态灌输、文化渗透等。我们不应该有太多干扰和官僚主义,应该集中精力在如何赢得战争和冲突。如果美国沦陷,世界上就再也没有自由之地。【 AMFEST2023 】 12/17/2023 Retired U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Joseph Harmon (Instagram: joseph4074): CCP is the greatest threat to the U.S. The United States usually views war as a battle between two countries on the battlefield, but the CCP looks at the long game and uses all means to carry out various wars, including ideological indoctrination and cultural infiltration. We should not have too much interference and bureaucracy and should concentrate on how to win wars and conflicts. If America falls, there will be no more free land in the world.


12/18/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】律师和“美国转折点”捐赠人艾琳·埃尔莫尔:“一带一路”是中共国在全世界进行殖民的一种方式和一场战争。海外版抖音不仅是中共的间谍工具,而且在给美国的孩子们洗脑。大媒体只诋毁俄罗斯,却不提中共。12/18/2023【#AMFEST2023】Erin Elmore, attorney and TPUSA contributor: The “Belt and Road Initiative” is a way for the CCP to colonize the world and wage a war. TikTok is not only a spy tool for the CCP but also brainwashes American children. Corporate media only malign Russia, but they don’t even discuss the CCP.12/18/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】律师和“美国转折点”捐赠人艾琳·埃尔莫尔:“一带一路”是中共国在全世界进行殖民的一种方式和一场战争。海外版抖音不仅是中共的间谍工具,而且在给美国的孩子们洗脑。大媒体只诋毁俄罗斯,却不提中共。

12/18/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】美国活动家克拉丽莎·科斯格罗夫:我选择盖特是因为它比其他平台更注重言论自由。我们需要消灭中共并制止他们的渗透。我们要美国的普通人进行更多教育,让他们更好地了解中共的渗透是如何进行的。12/18/2023【#AMFEST2023】American activist Clarissa Cosgrove: I chose GETTR because it is a more free-speech platform than others. We must take down the CCP and stop their infiltration! We must give the common people more education, a better understanding of how the infiltration has been going on.12/18/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】美国活动家克拉丽莎·科斯格罗夫:我选择盖特是因为它比其他平台更注重言论自由。我们需要消灭中共并制止他们的渗透。我们要美国的普通人进行更多教育,让他们更好地了解中共的渗透是如何进行的。

12/17/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】本杰明·施拉德: 中共深知谁控制了下一代,谁就控制了世界! 不幸的是,很多社交媒体平台屈服于中国共产党,并帮助它成功地影响了年轻人。新中国联邦在做着消灭中共这一伟大工作,这不仅对美国,而且对整个亚洲的生存都至关重要。12/17/2023【#AMFEST2023】Benjamin Shrader: The CCP knows that whoever controls the next generation controls the world! Unfortunately, many social media platforms succumbed to the CCP and have successfully influenced the young generation on behalf of the CCP. The NFSC is doing a great job in taking down the CCP, which is critical not only for the United States but also for the survival of Asia.

12/19/2023【#AMFEST2023】Doug Basler: It seems to me that the NFSC has an actual plan to win, and I can’t wait for you to be successful to take down the CCP so that people all throughout China can worship as they see fit, be free to prosper and be blessed. 12/19/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】道格·巴斯勒: 在我看来,新中国联邦似乎有一个真正的能够取胜的计划,我迫不及待地希你们能成功推翻中共,让所有中国人都能按照他们认为合适的方式自由信仰、自由地繁荣发展并得到祝福。

一位美国年轻人分享到她因为自身的经历,毋庸置疑的认识到TikTok是中共对抗美国人民的数字芬太尼武器。因为当她在该平台分享她是基督徒和保守派的相关观点后,被该平台封杀过六次。她希望美国的网络红人们能够觉醒。A young American shared that because of her own experience, she undoubtedly realized that TikTok is the CCP’s digital fentanyl weapon against the American people. Because she was banned from the platform six times after sharing her views on being a Christian and a conservative.She hopes that American influencers online can wake up.

接受采访的来自Arizona的美国人表示他的家庭来自也曾是共产主义政权的南斯拉夫,他清楚的知道中共不代表中国人民,中共一直绑架中国人民。他最近了解到了中共的13579计划,芬太尼是被中共输入美国,向美国发动的战争的一部分 。During an interview, an American from Arizona said that his family comes from Yugoslavia, which was also a communist regime. He clearly knows that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people and that the CCP has been keeping the Chinese people hostage. He recently learned about the CCP’s 13579 plan. Fentanyl was imported into the United States by the CCP as part of its war against the United States.

中国人没有选择共产主义,是共产主义于1921年来到中国,奴役了中国人民。拥有法治、自由和民主的台湾的样子,才是中国本来的样子。The Chinese did not choose communism. Communism came to China in 1921 and enslaved the Chinese people. Taiwan, with the rule of law, freedom and democracy, is what China was originally supposed to be like.

感謝台灣良知媒體持續發聲 AmericaFest鳳凰城盛大召開|NFSC受邀亮相 獨家猛料示警滅共刻不容緩

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杰森·琼斯: 我的祖父参加过朝鲜战争,他在临终时为那些被中共扔到战场与美军交战的中国男孩们哭泣。 我想对中共官员说的是,你们所效力的政权不仅没有服务中国人民,还对他们开战,你们可以成为解放中共国的关键。 #NFSC #TakeDownCCP #AMFEST2023


12/18/2023【凤凰城烽火行动】美国作家詹姆斯·林赛博士:美国的身份政治及其策略和毛泽东在文化大革命前后的策略如出一辙。如果给美国人讲一下毛泽东,他们会震惊而且立即会明白,美国的身份政治就是在进行文化大革命。共产主义者不但在美国掩盖了共产主义的历史,还接管了美国教育 12/18/2023【AMFEST2023】American author Dr. James Lindsay (GETTR: @conceptualjames): Identity politics and its strategies being used in the U.S. mirror Mao Zedong’s strategies during and before the Cultural Revolution. If we tell ordinary Americans about Mao Zedong, they will be shocked and immediately see that identity politics in the U.S. is about the Cultural Revolution. Communists have not only hidden the history of communism in the U.S. but also taken over American education.

12/18/2023【凤凰城烽火行动】DVS 7.0:我们之所以创作《消灭习家党》这首歌是因为现在的中共是习近平的中共!Ito Da Truth: 新中国联邦人说不要美国的任何援助,只需要美国与中共脱钩,剩下的就交给他们来做,正是这些鼓舞人心的事情让我如此支持这个组织。12/18/2023【AMFEST2023】DVS 7.0 (GETTR: @officialdvs7): We wrote the song “Take Down the XiCP” because the CCP is now Xi Jinping’s CCP! Ito Da Truth (GETTR: @itodatruth): It’s these inspiring things that make me so supportive of this organization when the members of the NFSC say they don’t want any aid from the U.S.; they just need the U.S. to decouple itself from the CCP, and they’ll do the rest.

12/19/2023, AmFest, Aila Wang: 新中国联邦肩负着推翻中国共产党的使命。我们是中共政府的幸存者,我们是中共病毒的幸存者。对于从共产主义政权逃离的幸存者来说,他们是在寻找自由。我很担心,我所逃离的共产主义也蔓延到了我所站在的这块自由之地。12/19/2023, AmFest, Aila Wang: The New Federal State of China is on a mission to take down the CCP. We are survivors of the CCP government and we are survivors of the CCP virus. For the survivors who fled from the communist regime, they were looking for freedom. I am worried that the communism I escaped from has also spread to this land of freedom where I stand. #AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo #Takedownccp

12/19/2023 小飞象:在中共国境内的新中国联邦的英雄们传递出了两条重要信息:(1) 中共正在打着民用项目的幌子帮助许多国家发展和获取核能力; (2) 中共已与美国的邻国达成了间谍通信协议,以监控美国军事行动和通讯。这些都是中共在为对美发动战争做准备,是时候与中共国脱钩了!12/19/2023【#AMFEST2023】Aila Wang: The NFSC heroes, who are still within Communist China, delivered two pieces of important information: (1) The CCP is helping many countries develop and obtain nuclear capabilities under the guise of civilian projects; (2) the CCP has entered into spy communication agreements with neighboring countries of the U.S. to monitor U.S. military operations and communications. These are for the preparation of the warfare against the U.S. It’s time to decouple from Communist China!

12/17/2023 医学生米拉·拉德蒂奇接受Kevin采访时表示:在涉及疫苗或政治争议话题时,教育机构总是教导学生不要质疑。 而违背”政治正确”可能会影响学业甚至职业前景。 她还分享了她个人的疫苗伤害经历,以及医疗系统如何因为治疗疫苗伤害不符合政治正确而拒绝治疗她。【 AMFEST2023 】 12/17/2023 In an interview with Kevin, medical student Mila Radetich (Email: milalradetich@gmail.com) said that educational institutions always teach students not to question when it comes to vaccines or politically controversial topics. Going against “political correctness” can affect academics and even career prospects. She also shared her personal experience of vaccine injury and how the medical system refused to treat her due to the fact that it isn’t politically correct to treat vaccine injury.

12/17/2023 企业执行董事杰克·霍夫曼(Instagram:jakehoffman561)接受Emma(Gettr: @emmany)采访:中共通过安插亲共派进入香港议会,改变议会人员组成,基本上接管了香港。所以只要改变政治规则,就可以不费一枪一弹接管整个国家。我看到美国也出现了类似的事情,如果我们这样做,那一切都结束了。【 AMFEST2023 】12/17/2023 Jake Hoffman(Instagram:jakehoffman561), Executive Director of Enterprise, was interviewed by Emma(Gettr: @emmany): The Chinese Communist Party basically took over Hong Kong by installing pro-CCP members into the Hong Kong parliament and changing the composition of the parliament. So by changing the political rules, you can take over an entire country without firing a shot. I see something similar happening in the U.S. If we do that, it’s all over.

玛丽的长子肖恩因拒绝向中共国的电信公司华为转让关键技术而被谋杀Mary’s eldest son, Sean, was murdered for refusing to transfer key technology to Huawei, a telecoms company in the Communist China.

12/17/2023【#凤凰城烽火行动】保守派政治评论员罗根·奥汉德利:盖特是一个没有任何中共的钱、真正言论自由的平台。红杉资本的沈南鹏是中共特务,他们收买美国政客影响竞选。我们要确保中共对中国老百姓的所作所为不会发生在美国和欧洲,并希望能够能拯救身处中共国的人民,给他们带来自由。12/17/2023【#AMFEST2023】 Rogan O’Handley, conservative commentator (@dc_draino): GETTR is a true free speech platform without any CCP’s money. Neil Shen of Sequoia Capital is a CCP agent who buys politicians and influences campaigns. We want to make sure that what the CCP is doing to the Chinese people doesn’t happen in the US and Europe, and hopefully save the people who are in the CCP country and free them.